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Higlights, Awards, Short News

2014 - 2016
Most of the time I devote to project: Digitization of Slovak Cultural Heritage. (Photogrammetry)

14. May 2013
Teaser of upcoming animated project CYBERNATURE released. Watch in HD (Vimeo)
My part of the work on this project is: Director, Director of Photography, Lighting, Rendering, Postproduction,
Previz and much of the Screenplay and Project Management.

10. May 2012
Launched a newly redesigned web site contains many changes and new projects updates. (Third generation) huh :)

15. September 2011
Image NEBULUS was published in world most prominent magazine 3D Artist.(Issue 23, 2011).

02. October 2010
Making of... NEBULUS and A2 poster was published in Pixel Magazine. (Issue 166, October 2010).

08. August 2010
Project NEBULUS at state of the art gallery RAPH.com

11. June 2010
My recent personal artwork NEBULUS was included in CGArena eZine (Volume 5, Issue 3, June - July 2010).

20. October 2008
Interview for GrafixGallery internet portal.

09. July 2008
Latest release of full feature interactive DVD Portfolio as synopsis of my works.

04. July 2008
Richard Max - Photography and Photodesign showreel released. (2007/2008) Watch in HD (Vimeo)

10. March 2008
Richard Max - Showreel updated. (2006/2007) Watch in HD (Vimeo)

29. September 2007
Making of... "Frantic Funfair" for 3D Total. PDF version: Sk, Eng

27. July 2007
Image "Frantic Funfair" was granted 3D Total excellence award.

14. February 2007
Finally after 5 years there is new ReDesigned and Consolidated homesite. (Second generation) huh :)

05. April 2006
Added Curriculum Vitae. Download PDF.

25. March 2006
Showreel video from my DVD was awarded second place on ACM SIGGRAPH Prague 2006.
I received 3DS Max 8 as a price.

10. November 2005
Release of my interactive DVD portfolio dedicated to my latest works. You can order this free DVD on my address.

05. November 2005
Richard Max - Showreel released. Watch in HD (Vimeo)

13. January 2005
Highlights section was added.

17. August 2004
There are a few free projects available for downloads in 3D Graphics (gallery) section and more will follow.

16. June 2004
Product design Slivovica rulez have been selected for inclusion in Elemental publication
of Ballistic media publishing. Print preview. (pdf)

06. April 2004
I stared to work on my DVD presentation. It includes overview of all my works including every multimedia
and animation projects I have created.

27. August 2003
Massive update in portfolio.

26. June 2003
British magazine 3D world has published a review of Pingu's Day project.

13. May 2003
Under 3D graphic section I ave added "Recollections" column where you can find my early works from my Amiga age 1990-1995.

5. May 2003
Pingu’s Day interview for Czech magazine Pixel. (Interview PDF), (Cover page)
Pingu’s Day interview for regional newspapers Korzar. (Interview)
Pingu’s Day interview for Radio Slovakia.

21. November 2002
Beginning works of soundtrack to Pingu's Day trailer. I hope it will be done for Christmas. (The trailer) :)

10. August 2002
We seek a producer for Pingu's Day. It's a short fully 3D animated short film.
It will definitely be the first project of the kind in Slovakia.

7. June 2002
I won in nationwide competition of PC revue magazine with Hummingbird picture. I received 3DS Max 4.2 as a price.