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  • Most of the time I devote to project:
    Digitization of Slovak Cultural Heritage.
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  • Project CYBERNATURE reached
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I provide a wide range of services for clients around the world. My services are production driven and proven to undertake various kind of a job in TV, Film, 3D Graphics and Visualisation, Postproduction, Multimedia, Broadcast Motion Design, Graphics Design, Advertising, Photography, Print, and many more areas...

I do provide my work to studios, cg agencies, design houses and advertisement agencies. For a full description of my services I offer, please read in services section.
In case of interest, you can get in touch with me in the contact section.

I focus on a esthetics, creativity and design
therefore I believe you will like it and it will
become your inspiration.

Richard Max
Projects News Showreel 2007-2010

Angel Guardian - Photogrammetry - Demo (2017)

Photogrammetry-Based 3D Model, Sculpture Location: Central Cemetery of Michalovce City, 81 Photos Used for Model Reconstruction.

ZEROFACE Studio: CyberNature (2013)

Fully CG animated short promo movie project of newly emerging animation studio ZEROFACE. My part of the work on this project was: Director, Director of Photography, Lighting, Rendering, Postproduction, Previz and much of the Screenplay and Project Management. Created as team work in order to build an internal development and production pipeline and to prepare for future commercial production. Property of ZEROFACE Studio.

Nanologix RESPIRA

Industrial Design of breathing mask for medical purposes.
Currently in real production... Client: Nanologix (Czech Republic)
HiRes Picture

Profi Reality, Ltd.

Real Estate Agency. ArchViz and Corporate identity design.
(Slovak Republic)

CyberNature Scene 01

Promo image of upcoming project CyberNature. HiRes Picture

CyberNature Scene 03

Promo image of project CyberNature.

Puffersphere - Documentary

World population growth for last 10,000 years in two minutes.
Documentary for 360 degree spherical projection.
Client: Pufferfish, Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Webintro - Natali Felix

Webintro for an advertising agency.
Client: Natali Felix, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)


Somewhere we could not be...
A creative meditation created for upcoming exhibition.
HiRes Picture The Story Making of... (Pixel Magazine) Sk

Mundane Street

Exterior architectural visualization with distinctive atmosphere.
(personal project)
HiRes Picture Behind Scene

Higlights, Awards, Short News
2014 - 2016
Most of the time I devote to project: Digitization of Slovak Cultural
Heritage. (Photogrammetry)
08. August 2010
Project NEBULUS at state of the art gallery RAPH.com

02. October 2010
Making of... NEBULUS and A2 poster was published in Pixel
Magazine. (Issue 166, October 2010). Slovak Version.
10. May 2012
Launched a newly redesigned web site contains many changes
and new projects updates.