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Graphics Design and Prints

Applied design is invented mainly for digitally and print transmitted media such as application and product design, multimedia presentations, company presentations, visualisations, logotypes, electronical leaflets, corporate identity design, packaging design, poster and commercial advertisement.

Aplikovaný dizajn určený hlavne pre elektronicky a tlačou šírené médiá, dizajn aplikácií a produktov, multimediálne prezentácie, vizualizácie, logotypy, elektronické brožúry, firemný dizajn, obalový dizajn, plagát a komerčná reklama.

RM Auto

Facade design of the car service station.
Client: RM Auto (Slovak Republic)
HiRes Picture

Sunday Cakes (Catalog)

Design and Products Photography of Exclusive catalogue.
Pages are chemically processed, Leather-Bound.
Client: Top Torty (Slovak Republic) PDF Preview

WEM Webmanager (CRM)

Unique UI/UX Design of CRM System. Project is in the phase of
software analysis. Client: WEM (Slovak Republic)
HiRes Picture


Exclusive casino and gambling house showcase design.
Client: Alea, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)

Michalovce: Tourist Gateway to Zemplin

Exclusive set of brochures. 6 pieces in 6 languages. Offset print.
Client: Michalovce City (Slovak Republic)
PDF Preview

TESLA IP44 (Catalog)

Product photography and design of catalogue. Offset print.
Client: TESLA Stropkov, Inc. (Czech Republic)
PDF Preview

TaTUM Sport

Full Brand and Identity design. Footwear sport shop.
Client: TaTUM, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)
HiRes Picture

Slivovica RULEZ

Product and brand design/development, 3D modeling
and photorealistic rendering.
Client: MS (Czech Republic)

Top Torty

Products photography and photodesign, Identity and Prints Design,
Full Brand Development.
PDF Version

Waffers: Krex and Waffi

3D graphics of components and cover packaging design.
Client: Klement, Inc (Slovak Republic)

Photography Richard Max

Photography and Photodesign based wall calendar design.
Offset print.
PDF Version

Syteli Folder

Exclusive folder and headed notepaper design. Offset print.
Client: Syteli, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)
PDF Preview

MaxDesign Identity

Personal identity wallpaper design.

HiRes Picture

Bank Bandit

Interface design, all symbols and backgrounds animations of
gambling machines. Client: Junior Games, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)
HiRes Picture


Corporate identity design. Distinctive atmosphere. Combination of
3D graphics and GFX design. Client: Singularity, Ltd.
HiRes Picture

Don't Get Angry Man

Lovely environmental 3D Graphics, Design and Animations of
gambling casino games. Client: Evona Electronic, Ltd. (SVK)
HiRes Picture

Censored Area...

Customer Sci-Fi based graphics and identity design...
Client: Syteli, Ltd. Security Systems (Slovak Republic)
HiRes Picture

Luxury Wedding Photobook

Photodesign based luxury wedding photobook. 15 double-pages
60x30 cm and exclusive leather wrapping.
PDF Version

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate visual identity plays a significant role in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders. Corporate visual identity expresses the values, ambitions and culture of an organization, its business, and characteristics. Is investment and possession.

Firemná vizuálna identita hrá významnú úlohu v internej a externej prezentácii. Vizuálna identita vyjadruje hodnoty, ambície a kultúru organizácie, jej zameranie a charakteristiku. Je investíciou a majetkom.

Nanologix RESPIRA

Product and Corporate identity design of Breathing Mask.
Client: Nanologix, Inc. (Czech Republic)


Personal agency Logotype design.
(Czech Republic)

Profi Reality, Ltd.

Real Estate Agency. ArchViz and Corporate identity design.
(Slovak Republic)


Music recording studio identity design.
(Slovak Republic)


Corporate identity design of software development company.
Client: Code2B, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)


Corporate identity design.
Client: Deilogic, Inc. (Slovak Republic)


Corporate identity design. Branded optic store.
Client: Escapade, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)


Corporate identity design.
(Slovak Republic)


Sea yacht logotype design.
Ready for cut out from self-adhesive foil.

(NFD) Financial association.

Corporate identity design.
Client: NFD, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)

Americana Pictures

Movie makers company. Corporate identity design.
Client: Americana Pictures, Inc. (USA)


Internet portal logotype design.
Client: Singularity, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)


Corporate identity design.
Client: Singularity, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)

TV Station Vychod

Corporate identity and broadcast design. Full brand development.
Client: Zemplín Media, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)

Yllegal EyeWear

Photography, Photodesign and Brand identity design/development.
Client: Escapade, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)

TV Station Zemplin

Corporate identity and broadcast design. Full brand development.
Client: Zemplín Media, Ltd. (Slovak Republic)