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About Me

I became interested in computer graphics since 1988 on Amiga platform. In years 1990-1995 I was active on international demo scene as graphic designer for various projects that made a good start point for my further advancement. Ever since I aspire to expand my horizons and experience taking part in several projects in the field. That allowed my to get in close touch with the matter either in practice and theory. On the experience I build my current career. As time flows and new technologies with new opportunities appear I began to specialize in 3D graphics/animation, motion design, postproduction, visual effects, graphics design, web design, creative multimedia and photography. That also embraces advanced image processing and grading, creative editing and postproduction of digital video and audio.

I can also mention my cooperation on several major game projects for PC platform as well as Amiga in my early stages. Besides working on various projects I also contribute to domestic and abroad professional magazines dealing with this subject sharing thus my experience with wide public. For my work I have also received many awards on variety of domestic and abroad competitions, state of the art galleries, publications and happenings.

Softwares: 3DS Max and Plugins (VRay, Corona, Arnold, Mental Ray, Maxwell, Ornatrix, FumeFx…), Nuke, Fusion, Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, Edius, Premiere…

Skills: Modeling, UV Mapping, Texturing, Advanced Lighting and Rendering, Animations, Particle Systems and Simulations, Compositing and Postproduction, Color Grading, Creative Editing, Audio Editing, Creative Desktop Publishing and other minorities...

Contact Me

If you have any questions, proposals of co-operation or project realization from the field of computer graphics or graphics design feel free to contact me on below addresses. I am open to give a piece of advice and share with my experience from this field of CG industry.

V prípade akýchkoľvek otázok, ponúk ohľadne spolupráce alebo realizácie projektov z oblasti počítačovej grafiky a grafického dizajnu ma môžete kedykoľvek kontaktovať. Rád Vám taktiež poradím a podelím sa o svoje skúsenosti a poznatky z tejto oblasti.

Richard Max (CG Artist/Designer)

E-Mail: max@richardmax.sk
Phone: +421 905 231 334
Skype: richard_max...
Prof. Hlaváča 32/1889, 071 01 Michalovce
Slovak Republic, Europe

MaxDESIGN s.r.o. (Ltd.)
IČO: 47353830, DIČ: 2023833416
Zapísaná: Košice I, odd. Sro, vl.č.33004/V
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